We are Principle ACS
With Engineering in our DNA.

Principle ACS offers "top notch" Technical Audits, Engineering Consultancy, Managed & Project Management Services, & EPC to customers across Telecom, Energy (Renewable), Building & Industrial, and Environment sectors. 


With a Vision & Mission
Simplicity in engineering solutions, with a focus on quality and value is our guiding vision

To be recognized as a value driven organization both in our actions and our delivery through enduring engineering solutions drives our mission.

An Empathetic & Innovative Approach
We adopt most modern methods and deliver solutions that are empathetic and innovative in their efficacy and end products.

We believe in working closely with our customers to understand the holistic nature of their requirements and put forth a comprehensive plan in place.

And Drive
We  are driven by strong and diverse members who have proven expertise in handling large and complex projects across sectors.

Integrity, Passion, Agility, Commitment and Empathy drives us. These values are a journey for us and not a destination.

Design Consultant. Technical Auditor. Project Manager. EPC Practitioner. Society Consultant. Owner's Engineer.

Be the 4.5 lakh towers in India that are the backbone of our Telecom Revolution or the increased focus on Smart City Development, we want to be at the forefront of creating liveable and efficient societies. 

With connectivity, liveability, renewability being the key focus areas for tomorrow's societies and enterprises, our strong and diverse team with proven expertise bring integrity, agility, passion, empathy and commitment to take these challenges head on. Talk to us. 

Core Offerings



Principle ACS offers an extensive range of end-to-end engineering services to the passive infra in telecommunication sector. We are a proven name in offering technical audit, engineering consultancy, project management and maintenance services to thousands of telecom towers Pan India. Our clientele includes leading Indian & Multi national tower infra companies besides mainstream telecom operators. 


Principle ACS offers renewable energy solutions with a focus on Solar Energy as projects and products.

We are focused on being the society consultant / turnkey solution provider for Domestic & Commercial sector and enable them manage power and waste more efficiently including building solar plants in an EPC Model.


Buildings & Industries

We enjoy legacy experience in designing a wide range of interesting, large, complex and enduring projects in the Buildings & Industrial sectors. 

Principle ACS offers turnkey Engineering solutions from concept to completion. We also offer to undertake EPC works. 

Every society generates tonnes of natural waste every year. Waste re-cycling leads to conservation of energy. We offer turn-key solutions for alternate energy generation avenues from waste, leading to greener environment. Our initiatives of Environment/Lakes conservation are closely integrated with our energy management services. 

You are in good company.

We started our operations in 2014 and in a short time could service all the big names in the Telecom Sector. We have also added a very distinguished foundation on our customer list in our 'Solar' offering. This achievement is due to:

Focused Management: Strong professional leadership with clear focus on Vision, Mission and Values and governance helped us build trust amongst our customers. The leadership is focused to be the best place for the brightest talent.

Emphasis on Process Implementation: Intense focus on living by the values. Focus on Process implementation, in understanding and delivering what is expected. Innovation and Efficiency is the key to every Principle ACS Team.

Qualified and Competent Teams: We hire the brightest minds with a cultural fit to our values. All employees focus on customer allegiance. This drives performance and hence motivation.